Why rely on companies that specialize in waste separation

The world of special waste, in other words waste produced by economic activities and not by domestic users, is complex and in order to respect the environment and comply with current legislation, considerable attention must be paid. Otherwise it is incredibly easy to end up with extremely high disposal costs or incur administrative and criminal infractions, and ultimately damage the environment, including the health of the workplace.

An economic activity, and especially an industrial one, definitely must handle a significantly larger amount of waste than a condominium.
Between processing scrap and waste produced by its own industrial processes, a factory often has tonnes of waste a year that is often not treated as municipal waste. This is the case of industries in the glass or iron industry as well as the wood or painting industry. Each of these industries will produce a different type of special waste that needs a different type of treatment or disposal according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC).

An integrated industry such as a factory that works with steel and also does chrome-plating within its industrial process, will then generate different types of special waste within its production line. These have different CER codes and often cannot be mixed. In this case, careful waste separation is needed. This operation cannot always be performed by the company itself since it requires special equipment and costly integrated specialized treatment systems.

For this reason, turning to companies specializing in waste separation is often more effective and even less costly. These companies have employees who are highly trained in this type of activity with knowledge of all of the problems involved in the collection, separation, treatment, and disposal of special waste but also with all of the technological means for collection and on-site separation. Just consider an industry that performs processes that produce materials in the form of often very fine dust as special waste.

In this case, it is necessary to design and install industrial extraction systems that collect the dust, separate it, and then send it to proper disposal according to legislation.
So, ultimately, the industrial waste and collection industry is not a “do it yourself” one. It is not the same as separate waste for an apartment. Instead it is a delicate operation that is part of the same industrial cycle and requires specialized waste separation companies.