GFC designs and builds industrial extraction systems

GFC designs and builds industrial extraction systems for various sectors such as paper mills and woodworking along with extraction systems for fumes, specific systems for painting companies, and systems for generic dust.
We also offer a thorough consultation service for the efficiency of your system.

Also over the years as requests have increased, GFC has made its mechanical workshop, with its qualified technicians and modern metalworking machinery, available for industrial structural work.

Negli anni inoltre, con l’aumentare delle richieste, GFC ha messo a disposizione la propria officina meccanica, composta da tecnici qualificati e da moderni macchinari per la lavorazione del metallo, per realizzare opere di carpenteria industriale.

Recycling sector

Systems for extracting dust from the treatment of waste.
Sorting systems.

Wood sector

Systems for extracting wood chips and dust with subsequent storage and reuse for the production of thermal energy.

Generic dust sector

Design and creation of industrial extraction systems for generic dust

Fume sector

Systems conceived and designed for industrial fume extraction.

Trimming sector

Extraction systems for trimmings resulting from processing materials such as paper and aluminium.

Painting sector

Extraction systems designed and built to satisfy the specific needs of companies operating in the painting sector.


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